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The Russetts Project

This was a beautiful project that we were proud to be a part of. The customer asked us to quote for a Marley vertigo system which would have been a nice modern look to the property bit nothing beats a natural, traditional slate finish. After some consultation and further quotes we decided to go with a natural finish which allowed us to show some true craftsmanship across the full project.

This project consisted of a full build up to the external walls to ensure we increased the insulation levels. A full breather membrane and multiple counter batten was used as well as a Superfoil insulation. After installing the slate batten we installed a H12 Cupa Pizzares slate.

Throughout this project we were faced with several challenges. One being the gully system on the main roof that was an old tin gutter. This needed to be changed due to the increased depth of the wall but due to the way the roof finished at the eave we had to create our own. We built the gully from 18mm osb and then covered in Flexitec 2020.

To top off such a great project we were allowed to show some craftsmanship with several slate details in different areas such as the verge detail and decoration to the larger areas.

On completion our client recieved a full insurance backed guarantee from BetterQuality for a period of 10 years aswell as warranties from all products used.

Another successfully completed project.

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