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The Tring Project

Yet another challenging roof to complete. Most of our challenges come from tricky details, getting over certain build issues or things that havnt quite worked out from the architect.

The challenges here were tight spaces!

This was a huge extensions created by David Russell Bespoke Builders who always do a great job. We supplied and installed a full breather roof and vertical tile hanging completed in a clay plain tile to try and match into the existing property.

The overall time on this project was around 20 days from start to finish. We believe this is a good example of how versatile a plain tile can be on a project.

The progress shots of this really show the key to detail and correct installation of this roof.

This project was handed over to the client with a full guarantee on workmanship and products used. It has now become the most beautiful property in the private lane in Tring that it is situated.

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